More about our team.

Kristin Gaydarov

Rotaract club Sofia-Serdika. Kristin will take part as member of the supervisory board, in the role of Project Supervisor, as past-District Rotaract Representative, RI District 2482 and a member of the hosting Rotaract club. He will also take responsibility as Social Events Manager and Logistics.

“Hello everyone! It is a great honor for me to be a part of this team and I am really happy that my club will have the chance to host the next Rotaract Global Model United Nations. As I really believe in the people in this young leaders, a mixture of Rotaractors and Rotarians. We represent different clubs, every single one of us has a different experience with MUNs – some are experienced MUNers, some are experienced in organizing MUNs and some of us are experienced in organizing Rotaract Event. Together we assemble the the most incredible team of dreamers! You would ask, “Why dreamers?”. I will just quote Walt Disney who once said – “If you can dream it, you can do it!”.

Milen Christov

Rotaract club Sofia-Sredets. Milen will take part as member of the supervisory board, in the role of Project Manager. He will also take responsibility as Conference Manager.

Milen Christov is born in 30 of January 1994 in Sofia. He is very interested in sports since little, so he used to play basketball for the Bulgarian’s police team and also the champion of Bulgaria Lukoil Academic. He is skiing for 15 years, but in 2009 he got to know with NGO. He first became a member “Bulgarian’s Children and Youth Parliament” and in the next years continue by participating club “Economist”, club “Investor” and formed the student council in the National Business and Finance High School.

Dimityr Mandradjiev

Rotary club Sofia-Capital. Dimitar will take part as member of the supervisory board as the Executive Director of the SOFIMUN Foundation.


In 1999 Dimiter Mandradjiev started to work upon youth activities. Most of the projects concern patriotism, education, nature and humanity. Later he founded SVETU Ltd. – a communication group company which has special CSR policy for youth, education and culture. Later in the years he was trusted by investors to form another 5 companies and thus to help businesses develop. Has received since 2005 gratitude letters from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for the efforts made in developing and accomplishing initiatives and campaigns for the social society. He also has received a support letter from the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the concurring years he continues to receive greetings and congratulations on various initiatives, projects and products that he creates and develops.

Stoyan Sirakov

Rotaract club Sofia-Serdika. Stoyan will take part in the project as IT Manager.

“Hello, my name is Stoyan Sirakov, I have joined the Rotary organization since 2009. Since a year I am a member of Rotaract club Sofia-Serdika, where I had the chance to be part of the organization of several big events for the Rotarian year. I have graduated with Honors bachelor’s degree the Manchester Metropolitan University UK as a Software Engineer in 2014. After that I have started working here in Sofia, Bulgaria, developing different kinds of Web and Mobile Applications for the Finish market. My organizational skills gained in the Rotary organization and my excellent knowledge of technologies make me the perfect person for the role of IT Manager at the ROTARACT Global Model United Nations 2016 Conference.”

Vahan Bohosyan

Rotaract club Sofia-Serdika. Vahan will take part in the project as Fundraising Manager.

Vahan has joined  Rotaract in 2011 in Svishtov, Bulgaria. Since 2014 he is an active member of Rotaract club Sofia-Serdika and already has been a sergeant at arms and a secretary of the club. He is also a member of the District Rotaract Committee for the Rotarian 2015/2016 as a District Sergeant at arms. Vahan is a graduated master in Financial Management at the Academy of Economics in Bulgaria. Vahan has wide experience in sponsorship activities and fundraising, as a long term member of many school, students, youth and alumni organizations. His knowledge skills and practice will be beneficial for the successful organization and implementation of the ROTARACT Model United Nations 2016 Conference.

Marina Zheleva

Rotaract club Sofia-Serdika. Marina will take part in the project as PR & Logistics Assistant.

“My name is Marina Zheleva. I have been studying architecture in Sofia for the last 4 years. The architecture study is combination of different knowledge areas through wich I gained incredible experience. I started my experience in Rotary in my hometown through Interact Shumen when I was 16 years old. Through the years I was secretary and vice president in the club. Then I moved to Sofia in order to study there but I still kept my enthusiasm for the community service and all the great possibilities that the organization offer that I become part of Rotaract club Sofia-Serdika. I was secretary in the club and in the current year I am vice president. In addition I have been part of RYLA Blagoevgrad organazied by Rotary Blagoevgrad and also editor of the newsletter of the district 2482.”

Deya Demerdzhieva

Deya will take part in the project as  our Conference Secretary person.

Deya Demerdzhieva was born on 22 May 1997 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She speaks two foreign languages- English and Spanish. Deya is an ambitious, creative, communicative and loyal person, with excellent organizational skills. In 2012 she became acquainted with the Rotary organization and especially with its youth program Interact. Since then, Deya started to get involved in many different social and charity activities. In 2013 she was among the few Bulgarian students who were invited to attend the European Parliament via Euroscola. In 2014 Deya participated in the 7th SOFIMUN conference as scholarship delegate in the Security Council and in the HR Council the following year. Since her childhood Deya was very interested in sports and particularly in taekwondo. She is a champion of numerous national and international competitions. Other sports include swimming and snowboarding.

Lyubomira Tanchovska

Lyubomira will take part as member of the supervisory board as a Recruitment Manager.

Lyubomira Tanchovska born,raised and living in the capital of Bulgaria- Sofia, Lyubomira speaks fluent Japanese, English. She participates in a lot of extra activities such as Tea ceremony and calligraphy and different sports as kayaking and biking. Right now she is studing Law in the NBU. Her NGO experience is rich, she became a member of Interact Sofia Sredets in November, 2011. In the Rotarian 2012/2013 she became a Secretary of the club thus proving her ambition and hard work for the organization. Lyubomira joined the SOFIMUN unit at the 6th edition of the conference and took over the duties of recruitment manager. She proved herself to be very hardworking, flexible and productive during the conference, which won her a place in the permanent Executive Board of SOFIMUN.

Vyara Moskova

Rotaract club Sofia Vitosha-Izgrev. Vyara will take part in the project as  our Rotary Liaison  person.

She was born in 1988 in Bulgaria. Vyara graduated second English language school in 2007 and it since than she joined Rotaract. In 2012 she served as vice-president in my club. In 2014 Vyara became a president and in 2015 was elected for District Rotaract Representative 2016/2017, RI District 2482. During her education in political science Vyara took part in model United Nations held in New Bulgarian University. She was a delegate in the Security Council.

Andrey Stoichev

Rotary club Sofia-Capital. Andrey will take part as member of the supervisory board as the Fundraising specialist of the SOFIMUN Foundation.

“My life revolves around three things: politics, private enterprising and the preservation of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage.”

Since 2005 he is a campaign manager, well it’s plain to see what it’s about, managing election campaigns. Sometimes and especially after the fifth one in a row he thinks that he is not managing it, but it’s the other way around. As soon as the elections are over, he and his colleagues from the department of political sciences at the New Bulgarian University, bang there heads at the question “Why people keep making the wrong choices time and time again?”. He and his friends are convinced that there is a world conspiracy aimed at rendering logic and reason worthless and to turn the conscious choice, which the voting is, into unconscious one.

Nadezhda Belcheva

Rotary club Sofia City. Nadezhda will take part as member of the supervisory board as a UN Bulgarian Youth Delegate.

Nadezhda Belcheva is born in 1983 in Bulgaria. In 2001 graduated from 9th French language school “Alphonce de Lamartin” –Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2006 graduated from University Paul Cezanne –Aix –en –Provence, France, with Master degree in international and European law. From September 2006 to May 2007 she spends in the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.