Norbert Czerniak

Secretary General

Norbert Czerniak is a Polish law graduate and a newcomer Rotaractor who has recently started his cooperation with the Rotaract Club in Poznań, Poland. He made his first steps in the MUN world by helping to forge his home university’s Poznań International Model United Nations (POZIMUN) back in 2013. Ever since, Norbert has attended a number of MUNs all over Europe, serving in different capacities, ranging from delegate, through chairperson, conference manager, to Secretary-General. In more general terms, he is a big fond of MUNs/MEUs/moot courts and Erasmus+ programme. He has, inter alia, spent a year as an exchange student in Bayreuth, Germany, and Southampton, the United Kingdom, respectively. Although he welcomes the number of MUN conferences growing worldwide, Norbert is still concerned about rather vaque ties between the United Nations and the MUN universe as such. He hopes that Rotaract Global MUN will be an effective step towards changing the status quo in this regard. Please accept his invitation to join us in Sofia in July!



Sebastian has a very multicultural background that has drawn him to MUN ever since he started at school. Of Dutch and British nationality Sebastian grew up in Germany and Italy before studying history and philosophy at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Already in high school Sebastian attended, inter alia, the prestigious THIMUN a total of 4 times including as an ambassador. At university he extended this experience founding and leading Southampton’s MUN society. In his long chairing experience he has chaired 12 conferences and has been a delegate at many more, most recently leading a joint delegation of University of Cambridge, University College London and University of Southampton to the WORLDMUN 2016 in Rome, Italy. Outside MUN Sebastian has been very active in politics as well as university-related activities. His interest in political matters also led him to run for Student Union’s President. Currently Sebastin is based in Berlin. He is always on the lookout for new experiences and is very excited to be part of the Team at Rotaract Global MUN 2016!


Aikaterini–Paraskevi Karamanli (or simply – Evina) has recently graduated from the Department of International, European and Area Studies at the Panteion University in Athens, Greece. At this time, she is a postgraduate student at the University of St. Andrews, UK, in the MSc. Global Health Implementation. She is also a member of the Rotaract Club in Saint Andrews. In the past, Evina has done an internship in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic as well as the European Public Law Organisation. Having discovered her passion for international organisations and institutions, her participation in Moot Court Competitions and Models United Nations felt only as a natural choice. She sees the Untied Nations Security Council with this year’s topics as a challenge but believes that with help of Sebastian Vogelpoel and the valuable contribution by the delegates, appropriate solutions can be found. Her advice for future delegates is simple – good preparation, including due research, together with proper use of arguments will make your voice heard. To conclude, she would like to welcome you to the Security Council at the Sofia-Serdika 2016 Rotaract Global Model United Nations, which promises us heated debates, a great opportunity to familiarize oneself with the functions of the most effective international organization to date and, last but not least, a unique experience as such, which you will never forget.


Alexander Sohl is a German born, Engineering graduate student and committed Rotaractor with both his student and Rotaract life based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
The experiences he gathered while traveling and living around the world have infused him with a passion for international relations and politics. Gladly he stumbled upon Model United Nations in Shanghai 2008. Ever since, MUN is an activity that has given him much more than simply the opportunities to learn about international affairs, to travel across four continents, or to get really good at tying his tie on the go as he rushes to committee. More importantly, MUN has given him the chance to meet all of you; to connect with young people from over a hundred countries, and to foster meaningful friendships that last far beyond the bang of the final gavel dies out.
Alex invites all of you to join him solving the most pressing and important economic and social issues and of course live the Rotaract and MUN Spirit in Sofia this July!


Plamen is a master’s student in Economics in Vienna, Austria. Born and raised in Sofia, he is the only local among the Chairs. He always enjoys debating about economic policy and geopolitics with people from all over the world. That is how he has become a MEU/MUN veteran and has, inter alia, organized the 2016 edition of the Model European Union in Vienna. Plamen is of the opinion that an active participation of every individual in political life is essential for an appropriate development of the society as it enables to work out a comprehensive approach to big challenges. He strongly believes that speaking with all of the affected parties and taking their point of view into consideration is crucial for finding efficient solutions. Plamen sees fairness and loyalty as his biggest assets and he will treat the honorable delegates in the Economic and Social Council exactly in this way. With such an approach he hopes that by the end of the Conference, a really good output will emerge from the debate. In his free time, Plamen enjoys classical concerts, good reads, and good food.


Marcel Akdenizli is a dental medicine student at the English Program of the Medical University of Sofia. He was born and raised in Tübingen, Germany, and moved to Bulgaria after his law studies in 2015. At the age of 15 and 16 Marcel spent time abroad in Barcelona, Paris, and Shrewsbury (UK). Having discovered Model United Nations already as a high school student, he took part in numerous MUNs such as the DSIMUN, HMUN or OlMUN. As a university student he got selected into the Dais of the Human Rights Council at the National Model United Nations in New York City, which he attended as a member of the NMUN Delegation of the University of Freiburg. Furthermore, he took part in such conferences as the Harvard WorldMUN, LIMUN, HamMUN, BerlinMUN or IsarMUN, to name but a few. In his free time Marcel develops his passion for cooking mediteranean food, reading classical books and/or enjpys going out with friends. Recently he has started studying the Bulgarian Language.


Kaya is a Dutch-Polish Master student in the field of Conflict Studies currently writing her thesis on EU-Russia relations and energy security at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and endeavours upon a career in conflict resolution. Her passion for international relations, diplomacy, foreign cultures and cuisines, travelling, and languages, has led Kaya to many countries over the years. One such experience was an internship at a human rights organisation in Beirut, Lebanon, founded at the UN ECOSOC. Believing in universal truths and a philosophy based on the dignity of the human person as solutions to violent conflicts and societal problems – a notion she hopes to share during RotaractMUN – Kaya’s favourite quote is ‘’dum spiro, spero’’ (“as long as I breathe, I hope”) by the Roman philosopher Cicero. Enjoying the MUN scene for its resourceful, kind, and enthusiastic people, Kaya is very excited to visit Bulgaria again after many years and wishes everyone fruitful debates and a great time. It is through sharing knowledge, insights, and the analysis of different perspectives and dimensions of an issue, that compromise can be reached on the basis of mutual understanding and respect. This way, we can confront those problems within our human family standing between us and a peaceful world, together.


Antoine is a French student in international relations at the Lyon Catholic University. He has attended thirteen conferences as delegate, chair and organizer. Apart from MUN, he usually spends his free time listening to good music or reading books. Yet, he does not mind watching a good movie sometimes. He also likes opera and, of course, he has a lot of interest in international relations and especially – the United Nations Organization. Another hobby of his is travelling. Antoine looks forward to discovering Bulgaria and its culture. As such, he hopes that the Rotaract Global MUN will make a real impact by helping to find solutions to some of the most pressing challenges addressed by the United Nations.


Eva is a graduate student at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, where she is currently pursuing a degree in EU International Relations and Diplomacy. The reason accounting for her wish to partake in the Rotaract Global MUN lies, inter alia, in the possibility to present the results of the committee to the Rotary International and possibly even the UN itself and thereby being able to make a real impact. Aside from international relations and Belgian chocolate, she is particularly fond of simulation games, of varied configurations, and has so far participated in quite a few of them across Europe. In her limited free time she likes travelling, reading and biking. This will be her first time in Bulgaria and she is looking forward to discovering the land/country of rose valleys, its culture and traditions.



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